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Beccy can discuss your requirements and provide set lists for any of the following groups, and is happy to prepare special requests, given time to prepare them in advance.  


Solo saxophone with backing tracks. 

A mixture of tenor, alto and soprano saxophones, she has 5 hours' worth of professionally recorded backing track material ~ a mixture of Jazz standards, Swing, Ballads, Latin, Funk and Blues and will play music appropriate to the event, be it gentle background Ballads or more lively up tempo Latin and Swing.


Duo with guitar or piano ~ as above, with an entirely “live” performance and the spontaneity and enhanced sound and visual impact that this offers.


Trio with double bass ~ similar repertoire with added groove


Quartet ~ adding drums allows us to play more modern Funk and Latin - great for dancing to.


Quintet ~ the addition of an extra horn (trumpet or second saxophone) with similar material to the Quartet, with more music from the Blue Note era, great for dancing to.


Six / Seven piece Function Band ~ the addition of vocals to the band changes the set completely to a mixture of pop, funk, and soul ~ perfect for getting the entire party up on the dance floor and definitely not background music! 

Beccy Rork Saxophonist provides  solo sax with backing or duo with guiar or piano, trio + double bass Quartet + drums quintet + trumpet or horn
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